Small Package UPS® Insurance

Ease Your Worries With UPS Shipping Insurance

Stop stressing about loss, theft and damage and start using shipping insurance! When you have valuable packages to ship, we’re here to give you (and your customers) peace of mind with affordable parcel insurance from UPS Capital®. With comprehensive insurance coverage, you can spend less time dealing with shipping complications and more time focusing on what really matters — your growing business.

Do you need small package insurance?

While many shippers rely on the carrier’s limits of liability to protect their packages, it’s important to understand that it may not actually cover the full value of your goods. If you don’t declare the value of your shipment, the limitation of liability provided by UPS is $100. So if the value of your package exceeds $100, it’s time to consider investing in parcel insurance. Shipping insurance is also available for many items — including gift cards, event tickets, jewelry and other high-value items — that are not traditionally covered by carrier liability. So what’s the bottom line? If you’re looking to fully protect your shipments in transit, then you need small package insurance!

Protect Your Valuable Packages With Parcel Insurance

Don't wait until it's too late to understand your UPS insurance options! Avoid costly damage and delays down the road with small package shipping insurance through UPS Capital - a premier national insurance provider. With robust UPS Capital insurance, your parcel shipments are covered with full value repayment, disaster protection and faster claims processing. It's truly the flexible, affordable coverage your business needs.

Affordable Insurance Coverage Made Easy

Protecting your shipments doesn't have to be complicated! Did you know you can easily insure your packages using our online transportation management system (TMS)? With our parcel TMS, you can add insurance at the same time you quote and book your UPS shipments - making it even easier to ensure your packages are fully covered.


Let Us Answer Your Insurance Questions

Not sure if your shipment needs UPS insurance? Chat with one of our shipping experts to make sure you’re properly covered.

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